Our Services

The full range of services we provide offer a total solution for all your dry cleaning needs.

At Diamond Dry Cleaners we are here to give personal care to keep you looking your best for any occasion

Your Guarantee – Our Quality

Our highly skilled technical and knowledgeable team are proud to offer friendly, personal assistance to all of our customers.

Our Quality Assurance

We pay special attention to caring for your garments and furnishings using gentle techniques and processes.

Attention to Detail

These garments and furnishings are separated to avoid damage to their colour and texture to ensure they look their best and last years longer.

Personal Care

Each item is individually checked and spotted where necessary to remove any stubborn stains and pressed to the highest standard.

Environment Responsibility

Diamond Dry Cleaners is committed to offsetting the carbon footprint.

We use bio film when packaging your garments. Although more expensive this packaging will fully degrade thus reducing the impact on our landfill.

Garment hangers are also recycled. This facility is offered at all of our shops for all customers to partake in.